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In January 2003.  Ulba Metallurgical Plant was for the fourth time awarded with a diploma by Kazakhstani competition of the best management systems "With Global Quality to the 21st Century" for the highest achievements by the results of 2002 in the "Metallurgy" sector. 

January 24, 2003.  The results of the Sixth National premium of Russian Federation in the field of development of public relations "Silver archer" (Russia, Moscow) were summed up. The winner of the competition in the nomination "The best PR project of year" became the project developed by PR-group of Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC.

 September, 2002.  The Prize of the Akim of the East-Kazakhstan Region "For Achievements in the Field of Quality Assurance" nominated as "Mining & Metallurgical Facilities". "UMP" JSC awarded the Cup and the Prize-Winner Certificate. 

March, 2002, Omsk, Russia.  International exhibition "Promtechexpo-2002":Gold Medal and Honorable diploma for intensive implementation and promotion of advanced technologies (beryllium copper and beryllium oxide products). 

December, 2001, Astana.  The Republic of Kazakhstan Award for quality achievements. "UMP"JSC awarded the Cup and the Diploma of the prize-winner. 

2001.  First prize in the Republic-scale competition "With universal quality into the 21st century" followed by a diploma.

September 2001, Astana city.  The first international exhibition, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary f the Republic of Kazakhstan "SHANYRAK-10". Per the exhibition results, the "UMP"JSC was awarded the "For the Intensive Science Production and High Technologies” diploma. 

2000, Astana city.  The Republic Exhibition of the national manufacturers "Astana-Expo-2000". Five types of the "UMP""UMP"JSC production: APS fuel pellets with burnout absorbers (adding erbium and gadolinium); Tantalum capacitor-grade powders; Ferro niobium; Carbothermic copper-beryllium master-alloywere, recognized as "21st century Products", followed by honorable diplomas and gold signs. 

The quality management system at the "UMP""UMP"JSC was accepted as the Republic's best and awarded the Honorable diploma of the "The most efficient technique of products quality management" fair. 

2000.  The Republic-scale competition hailed "With universal quality into the XXI century". "UMP"JSC won the Golden medal and the first prize diploma. 

1999.  First prize in the Republic-scale competition "With universal quality into the 21st century". 

October 1999, Novosibirsk city.  The International Exhibition "Siberia Fair" held in the framework of the All-Russia economic forum "East - Siberia - West". The "UMP"JSC was awarded the Honorable diploma and the Grand gold medal for "The Gold Medal of the Siberia Fair" contest winning, as well as two special Fair certificates.