Beryllium history
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Beryllium history

1950- The Ministry of Metallurgical Industry approved the design task for Be(OH)2 commercial production

1951- Start-up of the experimental shop division for Be(OH)2 and BeO production

1952- First Be(OH)2 and BeO samples produced

1955- Construction of beryllium metal cast production started

1956- Start-up of pure BeO production site

1958- Partial commissioning of shop 6 (ceramic production)

1961- Beryllium metal production site construction completed

1963- Creation of Be metal production site

1966- First metal produced by powder metallurgy method

1971- Powder production site commissioned (Building 662)

1973- Beryllium under pressure processing site commissioned (Building 602)

1990- Accident at the beryllium production (Building 662). Full conservation of the beryllium production started

2000- Beryllium metal production started-up. Quality assurance system at the beryllium production was certified in accordance with ISO-9002

2001- Hydrometallurgy production for technical grade Be(OH)2 restored. Creation of beryllium copper production.